I found the daily emails motivational. It gave me a job to complete that was mostly do-able, though not always within the 10 minute time frame. While I was unable to complete all of the given activities each day, I could see that the ones I did certainly made a difference. I made a list of the tasks so that when I had time, I could go back and tick others off my list. Thanks Romanie for running this 31 day challenge!


I looked forward to the email challenge every day. I couldn’t wait to see what my day would bring that day. 10 mins is nothing to make a difference. It made me feel good in my space and accomplished

​2020 Participant

We have had great success with many people with our 31 day challenge.  It's free to join up and with 10-20 minute per day challenge, we will guide and motiviate you with challenges around your home.

31 Day Decluttering Challenge

Below is what our students of the challenge thought...

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